Our posture in worship is surrendered hearts in response to the revelation of who God is. Our Team’s mandate is to usher in and flow with God’s presence. As we behold Jesus in worship, heaven invades earth and, in that context, we contend for healing, wholeness and restoration to take place in our hearts.


We believe that prayer is communion with God – talking with Him and listening to Him. It is seeing from God’s perspective and partnering with Him to accomplish His plan and purpose in the earth. We host various prayer meetings throughout the week.


These are small weekly gatherings of fellowship, prayer, worship, eating, teaching and sharing. It is here that pastoring and caring is practiced, and the development of friendships nurtured. Joining a group is the primary way in which pastoral care is received; that is, through one another.


Our focus is to bring each child closer to our Lord Jesus Christ, and to equip the children with an understanding of God’s character, of His Father heart and His love for them. Each child’s God-created gifts and uniqueness are highlighted, with an emphasis on God’s ability to help each one fulfill their God-given dreams and destiny. As well as our Mom’s Room for babies where Moms can see and listen in to the service, we have three separate groups ranging from toddlers to 12 year olds. We look forward to welcoming your children.


On a weekly basis, our teens are taught biblically about who Jesus is, who they are in Him, and what it looks like to be conformed into His image. They get to discover that they have a firm Friend in Jesus who never changes.


We call ourselves #Monday Motivation. We love to worship Jesus, and we value our relationship with God and with one another. Our goal is to live a life worthy of being called children of God. Our purpose is to impact young and old, to be zealous for Jesus, and to raise up people in intimate relationship with Father God. We meet on Mondays from 6pm to 8pm.
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We provide weekly support in the communities of Stockville and KwaNyuswa by meeting spiritual and physical needs through spreading the Gospel, and through the supply of food, clothing, medicine and medical care. We help the young people to develop in their schooling, and we assist the unemployed with finding jobs. Most of all, we spread the Word of God among the people and enjoy watching the miracles of salvation, deliverance and healing in their midst.