Our story started in the late sixties when Dennis Norton, who was dying in hospital with half of one lung, was healed by God. Dennis married his nurse, Ramona, and they birthed a prayer meeting in their Assagay home with Ken & Fé Balcomb. The prayer meeting developed into a Bible study and, in February 1971, Jonathan & Jane Leach (Ken & Fé’s daughter & son-in-law) were inducted as the pastoral leaders of The Church At Assagay. Their vision was to rediscover the New Testament church.

Since those early years, we have walked a colourful and windy road with countless treasures along the way. Our name changed a few times, and we landed on Sarepta Church in the 1980’s. The name, coined by Ken & Fé, which means place of provision, originates from 1 Kings 17 where Elijah encounters a widow in the village of Zarephath whose flour and oil never runs dry.

The venues of our Sunday worship services have been many, including private homes, school halls and library halls in Assagay, Botha’s Hill, Winston Park, Forest Hills, Kloof and Hillcrest. In September 2006, our beloved Sarepta family moved into our own premises in Gillitts where we have been worshipping ever since.

Costa Mitchell, retired Director of The Association of Vineyard Churches SA, is responsible for our apostolic oversight, and we relate closely with the Vineyard Movement. We also relate with the Kloof and Hillcrest Fraternals in our local community. In keeping with Genesis 12:3 and Psalms 122:6 & 7, we highly value, pray for, and support Israel.