To have an encounter with Jesus Christ is to meet one’s ultimate destiny. When radical events occur on planet earth, creating apocalyptic fear, you can honestly tell your friends, “I know about the end of world. I have encountered it (actually him).”  To know Jesus is to know one’s eternal destiny.

When you accept Jesus, you encounter the end of the world because he is the end of the world. This is why a confrontation with Jesus is the ultimate confrontation. Once this has happened death or the end of the world, are no longer foreboding prospects. You have broken through already because the end of the age has come upon you. Since that breakthrough occurred in Jesus Christ, we have continued to live in this mysterious situation where the present world coexists with the last days. In this age of grace any moment can be the last and, for every individual, each moment has the potential to be the breakthrough of that last moment.

The breakthrough of the powers of the age to come into this age was focused, embodied and personified in Jesus. When the future age becomes present anything is possible. Everything that will occur at the end becomes available in the present when Jesus is there.


Excerpt from Breakthrough: Discovering the Kingdom, by Derek Morphew