We believe in the living God who lives among His people. Collectively and individually, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit. This means that when we meet corporately, we expect to meet with God. His presence is the reason why we meet together. As individuals, we seek to hear God’s voice and to experience His presence.
We are a safe place, a place of healing, a place of love and acceptance. We’re tolerant of less than perfection. We embrace informality. We encourage artistic expression. Our people are free to be real and open. We’re not afraid of being unique.
We believe that every believer hears God for themselves. Everyone has access to God. Every believer is a minister of God, whether that be in the context of church or of their vocation. Every believer is to make themselves available to be used by the Spirit of God, bearing in mind that even a valid ministry is a flawed and incomplete statement of the Gospel of Christ.
We’re part of something bigger than ourselves. We are part of the broader church. We embrace outside ministries. We recognise that the rule of Christ is to be taken into every aspect of society.
We have a strong emphasis on knowing scripture, being led by the Spirit, and being a people of prayer with a strong emphasis on worship. We are a worshiping community.
Each person has a calling in Christ. We have a vision to help you discover and be released into that calling, and to continuously encourage you in your calling.  Our vision is your vision.