Church membership

Any authentic expression of the Body of Christ will consist of a community of committed believers, living out together the covenant relationship established by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

This means relating to one another as a visible testimony of belonging to Jesus.  Such membership carries both privileges and responsibilities.  Privileges include the pastoral care of the church ion the fullest context of multiple ministries – preaching, teaching and counselling.

The leadership are constantly available to serve the needs of the flock.  Believers are required by the Head of the Church, in the light of scripture, to be faithful and devoted to gathering together for fellowship.

The minimum involvement is Sunday worship and mid-week fellowship.  Do not ask what the Church can do for you, but what the Lord wants to do, in and through you, for the Church.  The development of your own ministry/gift/calling is a vital component for your life.

Believers are also expected, as a matter of a lifestyle, to give regularly to the work of God in proportion to the abundance with which God has blessed them.